Saturday, 24 April 2010

Campaign for Real Fear submission - Loyal to the End

[This was my submission for the Campaign for Real Fear, it was rejected but I still think it's a good piece. This is definitely my greatest fear at the moment; that the world could go this way. Let me know what you think of it, all feedback welcome.]

The day of the election was tense, people were on the edge of their seats waiting, hoping, for the right result. It was the highest turnout in Britain for seventy years and it went our way.

Finally, a strong party, a party of the people. The party we needed.

The Queen was subdued in her congratulations and didn’t that speak volumes.

It was the bombs in Berlin and Newcastle that tipped the balance. Over three million dead. Terror took on a whole new meaning.

At first, we started to deport them, the Muslims, the Arabs, and it wasn't just us; all of Europe --all the world-- was doing it.

We struck back, making the Great Glass Deserts. We made an example.

But it wasn't enough.

We closed the borders and let Europe burn in its own filth. We had our own problems to deal with.

The ones that were left showed their true colours, they attacked us so we did our duty. Groups of us roamed the streets, our boots smashing into bodies and faces. We brought them all to justice. They were all a threat; man, woman and child.

The Queen spoke out against the violence; we never heard anything about her, or her family, after that.

Then the hangings started. A gallows in every city. We came out to watch, we cheered, and we revelled in the justice.

After a while we stopped letting the necks break, we let them kick and struggle, a lesson to everyone.

Once we were done with the Arabs, we turned to the Indians. I mean similar colour right? They were no different, no matter how long they said their parents had been here. We had to stop them before they got started.

We had to make things safe, didn't we?

And when the foreigners were gone? We looked for the traitors in our own ranks. Rooting them out, one by one.

They questioned me because of that bloody leaflet. I told them, I was never going to read it I just picked it up. I told them I was loyal.

They didn't believe me.

I'm standing at the gallows now, waiting. The smell of piss, shit and vomit is overwhelming.

“I’m innocent,” I want to shout, “I’m loyal!” But my mouth is swollen and my teeth are gone.

The noose is damp with the sweat of I don't know how many people. How many vermin. As it tightens I hold my breath, the tears running down my face nothing to do with the stench.

To the left and right of me real traitors are being strung up. Treasonous bastards the lot of them but not me.

The trapdoor falls and I start to choke. I wet myself and my bowels loosen. My feet kick out and all I can think is how unfair it is, that I'll be buried with all these traitorous bastards.

It’s not fair.


  1. ... makes me nosy about this party, the people and their competing moral values ...

  2. Chillingly scary, and more so because it wouldn't be the first time that it's happened. I think the root of this fear is, like you said, that the world could go like this.

    Well written and scary, I'd definitely say this is real fear. Well done.