Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Virtual Book Launch and stuff ;)

This Saturday (10/4/2010) some of the authors of the 'Thieves & Scoundrels' anthology and I will be taking part in a virtual book launch. This will include a live chat, with each of us allotted a 15min slot to answer questions and talk about our stories.

The whole thing will kick off at 5pm UK time and I'll be on at 6.15 UK/1915 Europe. It seems like it'll be a lot of fun and the more people who are online to grill me the better. If you are interested you can find the link here. Also if you are on Twitter you can follow the night's festivities under the hashtag - #ffc3

On the 10th we are also trying to get as many people as possible to log on to Amazon and check the book out/wish list it or even buy it, anything to help push it up the chart.

You can also pick it up on Smashwords for $2.95, which, to be honest, is nothing to grumble about. If you read the book please let me and the other authors know what you think, all feed back is welcome.

Oh, one last thing.

Last year my first story was published in the eZine Estronomicon, which was a big boost to my confidence. Now, Screaming Dreams presents their annual Dead of Night Award, there are plenty of great stories, authors and artists in there so I am not expecting many votes, but one or two would be nice (thanks mum, dad). If you haven't read Estronomicon yet you can find all the issues under the link above and they are all free. Good, eh?

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